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CATALYZE LAB is a 2 days itinerant co-creation lab aimed at developing new skills and capabilities to enhance and strengthen the capacity to innovate for the future and simultaneously meet social needs. The program is built for young social entrepreneurs and young social innovators, who all stand out because of their leadership skills and social engagement.

This program is free of charge to all eligible participants. 

The first CATALYZE LAB will be launched in Berlin, autumn 2014. More cities in Europe, Asia and Africa will follow.



LEAD LAB is a midweek itinerant leadership development lab aimed at developing new building blocks of leadership for leaders in organizations.  

In the program we seed knowledge and accelerate new transformative ways of thinking, leading and managing complex challenges in organizations, companies and communities. We co-create new leadership and, at the same time, work on wicked social issues, provided to us by local governments and organizations. 

The first LEAD LAB was scheduled in Rotterdam last April 2014. More cities will follow.



NATURE LAB is a weeklong retreat giving space for connection to nature and continuing leadership training. 

Our program facilitates an experiential learning about the self as well as alignment with ecosystems.

This NATURE LAB  features leadership development and co*creation activities in a natural setting.

The first NATURE LAB will be launched in Portugal in September 2014. 


We are aiming at young leaders and gifted and talented young people as well as young professionals.

The one thing we can do to increase the potential influence and participation of talented millennials is to empower the leaders-to-be in order to let them qualify themselves. MOVABLE^LAB does so by offering CATALYZE and NATURE LABS, but also provides more customized activities, like seminars, talks, coaching and mentoring. 


In the MOVABLE^LAB Think & Do Tank all leaders, catalysts of change, social innovators and entrepreneurs that are connected to MOVABLE^LAB come together to share knowledge, inspiration and experiences.

Furthermore, in our online community we co-create solutions for social issues that are brought in by governances or organizations. This co-creation feeds the content of our events, is connected to our research activities and makes sure that movement continues.


The outcomes of the MOVABLE^LAB activities in terms of solutions, scenarios, useful insights or directions of action will be handed over to the organizations or governments that brought in their problems. All together this means that there is a multiple level outcome. In order to clarify  the results and effects of the Movable^Lab program it is very important to conduct a longitudinal study. 

Important:  participation for young catalyst and change makers is of great concern to us. To make this possible we organize two different funding strategies. On the one hand we work together with sponsors to make programs for young catalysts free of charge. Also we contribute to funding the CATALYZE LAB by donating a part of the fee from the corporate LEAD and NATURE LABS.