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Movable^Lab offers moving, accessible, affordable, experiential programs designed around the needs and challenges of the next generation of leaders who want to create sustainable, transformative change within their organizations, companies and communities.  Movable^Lab’s real difference is not just in reach (make this program available to as many high potentials leaders as possible) but also in approach, scale and quality. 


We specifically aim at the new generation of leaders; younger people that represent a transitional spirit from within. Who look at the world in their authentic amazement, motivated to contribute to real change. 


New Leadership is about rethinking how we manage organizations in a post-industrial world where innovative management models represent the only sustainable competitive advantage. It is also about releasing people from the burdens of stifling bureaucracy and suffocating control systems, trusting them with information and giving them time to think, reflect, share, learn and improve. Above all it is about learning how to change. 

Because answering the 'what’ question is easier than the 'how’, we’re still not sure about how the optimal performance of new leaders looks like. This means that any program on leadership cannot teach and what remains is offering a discovery program where sharing knowledge, learning from best practices and empirical testing on an ambitious but responsible scale is the core.


In accordance with the opinion stated above Movable^Lab chooses to travel around the world as a nomadic camp, organizing international, large scale events where young talented leaders can participate. The issues the world is facing know no borders, which is why new leaders across the planet have to work together in facing them. Leaders have to mutually understand their actions and find themselves easily accessible tot discuss their cooperation, synergy and complementary approaches.


By organizing the Movable^Lab programs throughout Europe, Asia and Africa and by combining Urban and Natural settings the sought after new leadership and catalyst forces will be strengthened and diffused in order to have a substantial impact on solving fundamental societal problems. And this is going to happen on two levels: addressing key issues in a practical manner during the program and enhancing and strengthening the leadership and catalyst competencies within a substantial group of people.