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We need leaders who can cope with uncertainties. Who stimulate creativity, and are aware of the major transition the system of our society, organizations and people are in. We need new perspectives on so many issues that only collective thinking can bring us further. We need the space for play, we need passion and the full spectre of our imagination to lead us trough this transformational phase.  

MOVABLE^LAB is about taking part in a collective process of sharing, discovering and being inspired, to finally develop and get a view on the building blocks of your leadership. 

Our approach is uncommon and unusual; it’s not training in management skills or styles of leadership. It’s about rethinking and reinventing the way the individuals’ character forms his professional performance, it’s about roles instead of position and it’s about sharing instead of ‘the power of knowledge’. You will get insight into the qualities that really make a change, not only yours, but also those in your surroundings. You also do this to find out how to capitalize them. This is about finding out how investing in people and planet can be profitable.