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What if we would make leadership and entrepreneurship programs for new leaders open, flexible, accessible and less expensive to all high potential individuals.

We believe all the gifted and talented young people deserve the chance to unlock their leadership potential and become our next generation of leaders. Radically flexible and open approaches to education are necessary to create sustainable, transformative change within our organizations and our communities.

There are several leadership or entrepreneurship programs offered by universities, business schools or institutions specialized in executive and continuing professional education. They target experienced managers or professionals who have demonstrated success either within organizations or independently as entrepreneurs. Most of these programs are part-time over a year and a half to three years and have high tuition fees (average € 35,000 Euro per year). Many programs don’t take into account the difficulties social innovators or social entrepreneurs have in participating in training programs as these take precious resources (time and money) away from their work. 

Also many existing educational programs still focus on insights and managerial or leadership skills that have proven their worth in the world of old systems. This means they tend to keep the existing build up of systems intact or aim at incremental changes. This is not was is needed in our opinion. 

Leadership programs should target at radical or systemic change, innovative approaches with added value also within the social and sustainability domain.  New generations bring forth talented potential leaders who really have a different view on hierarchy, life - work balance, social benefits, sustainability, knowledge sharing, inclusion, co-creation, creativity and so forth. If we want to propel systemic change we need leaders who have their heart and mind aligned  so their hands do the right things. Leading the transformational change has to come from within, not driven by material gain or the need for a next step in your career. 

Our Movable^Lab activities aim at bringing together the content for new leadership and the people that can realize the performance.