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Photo & Video Credits: All photos used on www.movablelab.org are either in the public domain, have been licensed for public use, under a CC license or have no known copyright restrictions. Please contact us if you believe your copyrighted image is being used without your permission or you are depicted in one of the photos and would like it removed.


Ger camp photo by scjody on Flickr

Peru March 2010-17 photo by PearlyV on Flickr

Dan Flavin - Structure and clarity - Tate Modern Museun London photo by Grand Parc - Bordeaux, France on Flickr

Books by Abhi Sharma on Flickr

Un paseo por las nubes photo by inocuo on Flickr

Plaza Real, Barcelona, Espanha photo by maccosta on Flickr

Vltava River Prague photo by kruhme on Flickr

A panorama of the Erasmus Bridge and the River Meuse in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. Visible from left to right in the background are the New Luxor Theatre, the regional headquarters of KPN, Montevideo (highrise) and the World Port Center (high-rise). By Massimo Catarinella

Berlin Cityscape seen from Victory Column, Thomas Wolf, www.foto-tw.de

Sooooo knapp! (HighRes) photo by Thomas Link

LHA 120-N11 in the Large Magellanic Cloud photo by Hubble Space Telescope / ESA on Flickr

Big wheel photo by twicepix on Flickr

Sunset photo by snowpeak on Flickr

 Rotterdam by bertknot on Flickr

Plaza Real, Barcelona, Espanha photo by maccosta on Flickr

Berlin photo by Laurent Cerveau

Starfish shrimp on a cushion sea star photo by TANAKA Juuyoh on Flickr.

Murgantia histrionica, eggs, side_2013-03-08-14.44.21 ZS PMax photo by USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring on Flickr.

Reef photo by NOAA Photo Library on Flickr.

Darfurians refugees in Eastern Chad photo by EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection on Flickr.

144 - Tent pegs photo by MrB-MMX on Flickr

NASA Blue Marble 2007 West photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr

Old Telephone photo by Marcin Wichary on Flickr

Yellow Line photo by Damien Roué

Tent City, Adelaide _2732s photo by Rikx on Flickr

amazing layers of eastern tent caterpillar web photo by woodleywonderworks on Flickr

untitled photo by Nicola since 1972 on Flickr

Dublin (Wide Angle) - Grand Canal Square photo by William Murphy

Arara vermelha  - penas coloridas photo by Ana_Cotta on Flickr

Newspaper Texture 6 on Flickr by EleART

Rotterdam Kubuswoningen by Hanselpedia on Wikipedia Commons


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