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Besides the main activities MOVABLE^LAB offers customized activities. Here are some examples of the possibilities. Please contact us for more information or programs that fits your specific challenges.


To increase the impact for organisations of the Leadership Labs, we offer a tailor made program for groups of four to six changemakers from one organisation. Together with top management and the changemakers we accelerate learning and translation to the organisation in this additional program to the Leadership Lab. What are the barriers and opportunities in your organisation regarding systemic change? And how can you speed up learning, innovation, tackle the societal challenges and increase business performance?


We challenge three to six leading organisations to bring in their own societal challenge.  Besides the branding value and visibility to the leaders of tomorrow (in- and outside your organization), you will get feedback on your organizational developmental processes from different perspectives. You will also get fresh and innovative solutions for issues at stake, and an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your stakeholders.