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You are a young change maker. You are a conscious, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, innovator or pioneer. You are working on a new venture or for a governmental institution, a not- for-profit organization, a company, a corporation or a start-up. You are a ambitious, high potential, '3.0 thinker', you want to make a positive impact and you are motivated to see real changes in personal, professional and collective growth and development. You love to share stories, experiences and know-how. You know how important your contribution is to enrich our overall collective experience and to life on this planet in general. Join us in our CATALYZE LABS




You are a professional with several years of experience in leading roles and you are aware of the transformation the world goes through. You are an involved leader in your own company, a governmental institution, a not-for-profit organization, a corporation or a network organization. You see that the solutions you used to choose no longer work and you are motivated to develop new leadership and to make a positive impact on the people and stakeholders you work with and on society as a whole. You are fully aware of the fact that today's youth are tomorrow's leaders and you are dedicated to facilitate them to become the leaders the world is longing for. Join us in our LEAD LABS.


Are you longing for ways to develop models that are more based on the patterns of nature?  And are you looking to turn problems into solutions? Losing a sense of self in the consumer world? Are you finding yourself falling into the same old thought patterns at work as well as at home? A position of innovative entrepreneurship or leadership is a delicate balance of hard work and forward thinking. It requires creativity and a strong network to achieve the solutions for our current challenges. Nature’s lessons are often on a subconscious level subsequently bringing on a real need for immersion. Guidance in the process of connecting is something people may seek and we offer the space and facilitators to do so. Join us in our NATURE LABS.