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Times are changing. What we need from our leaders and what our leaders need from us are changing too. The world is facing unmet challenges. From climate change and famine to unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. Systems we created over the past 150 years no longer function. The pyramidal shaped organizations that focus on control, cost cutting and financial gain bring us no further in our urge to innovate and create solutions for complex problems in interconnected systems. “In an interconnected world, American homeowner woes can be felt from Beijing to Rio de Janeiro,” observed the International Herald Tribune at the onset of the financial crisis. We need a fundamental and radical change if we want to keep up the pace with the overwhelming amount and rising complexity of issues we have to deal with. The collective mind set of leaders, managers and boardroom decision makers has evolved over the years along the axis of reducing complexity by controlling it, excluding the majority of stakeholders in problem solving and choosing directions for development.


MOVABLE^LAB believes that our old systems aren’t serving us the way they did, but what’s needed instead is still unknown. We need room for experimenting, holistic approaches, seeking answers in nature, inclusive thinking, passionate involvement, creativity, re-establishing the role of play, and a vivid imagination. In accordance to this we need new leadership; able to deal with uncertainties, accepting the need for radical changes and embracing the on-going process of redesigning in co-creation with stakeholders.    


MOVABLE^LAB is committed to being the global leading platform for the next generation of leaders from all professions and all countries. Beginning in Europe, we will continuously take the next step needed to promote and implement new models of leadership aimed at improving living standards on our planet in a coherent, conscious and systemic way. Great leaders adhere to the highest standards of ethical business conduct, set high performance standards to manage on environmental, financial and social sustainability while improving results and long-term competitiveness for their organizations. 

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MOVABLE^LAB empowers those young leaders and high-potential leaders that are passionately involved in creating a better future by initiating processes, realizing clear objectives, balancing the fundamental tensions between the short term versus the long term and simultaneously inspiring others to embrace change. These are the new leaders in a transiting world. By empowering them we contribute to social and sustainable innovations in an indirect manner. 

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