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MOVABLE^LAB CATALYZE LABS and LEAD LABS are experimental, experiential, highly interactive and collaborative programs. We bring together participants from different fields, countries and industries. We learn, work and develop collaboratively to find solutions to complex challenges in today and tomorrow's world. Taking part in the lab is a real challenge. It may be different from what you know because it’s not about learning from an expert what is already known. It’s endeavouring in the era of systemic change and innovation. You will return to your organization fuelled up with new skills, resources, ideas, actionable plans and many building blocks for new leadership to emerge within you.

MOVABLE^LAB NATURE LAB enhances a holistic leadership perspective as well as tools to improve our daily lives on a physical and energetic level. Our future leaders must be fit in body, mind, and spirit and we hope to impart practical tools and new ways of thinking/being. Your deprivation of nature will be compensated and you will create a new sense of value around your personal health and the global environment. This will help dramatically in our way forward. We depend on our blue planet, and today more than ever, on each other to move forward in a way that respects all beings. Your network will grow, your hands will touch soil, your eyes will light up from colours of green and brown, your minds will be stimulated and ultimately a transformation will be sparked.

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