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Like a nomad camp, MOVABLE^LAB will travel through Europe and will stop and work with leaders like you in Barcelona, Rotterdam, Berlin, Prague, Milan, Zagabria... JOIN  OUR MOVABLE^LAB LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT & CO*CREATION LABS. You will return fuelled up with new skills, resources, ideas, actionable plans and many building blocks for new leadership to emerge within you.  

ROTTERDAM / APRIL 15-18, 2014

BERLIN / MAY, 2014






MOVABLE^LAB LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT & CO*CREATION LAB is a midweek itinerant leadership development and co-creation lab aimed at developing new skills and capabilities to enhance and strengthen organization's capacity to innovate for the future and simultaneously meet social needs. Together we experiment and seed knowledge, develop and accelerate new transformative and conscious ways of thinking, leading, collaborating and managing complex challenges in organizations, companies and communities. We address the most critical societal and environmental challenges, and together create feasible and action-oriented approaches to solve them. We co-create powerful formats and actionable ways to tackle critical issues, facilitate grassroots processes and initiatives, inside as well as outside organizations.


MOVABLE^LAB LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT & CO*CREATION LAB is a transdisciplinary and transcultural leadership development program designed around the new generation of leaders, their current and future challenges. We need conscious and authentic leaders who inspire, initiate and successfully go through complex transformation processes. We must no longer see problems as a starting point but rather the dream or the ideal situation. This way we can organize and channel collective ambition and focus on the people - on what they really want - more than just on the processes or the results. We need a different mindset, other competences and skills, new tools and resources, new forms of communication and collaboration and different angles to look at parties involved and the issues at stake. We cannot expect all these changes in thinking and behaviour from the ones that have been educated in systematically controlling and commanding. We largely depend on a new generation of leaders to enhance new perspectives and make change happen. Smart organizations know how important it is to invest in them and give them the tools to realize change in their working environment. 


MOVABLE^LAB LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT & CO*CREATION LAB is an experimental, experiential, highly interactive and collaborative program. We bring together participants from different fields, countries and industries. We learn, work and develop collaboratively to find solutions to complex challenges in today and tomorrow's world. Taking part in the lab is a real challenge. It may be different from what you know because it’s not about learning from an expert what is already known. It’s endeavouring in the era of systemic change and innovation. You will return to your organization fuelled up with new skills, resources, ideas, actionable plans and many building blocks for new leadership to emerge within you.  


You are a future leader. You are a conscious entrepreneur, intrapreneuer, innovator or pioneer. You are working on a new venture or for a governmental institution, a not- for-profit organization, a company, a corporation or a start-up. You are a ambitious, high potential, '3.0 thinker', you want to make a positive impact and you are motivated to see real changes in personal, professional and collective growth and development. You love to share stories, experiences and know-how. You know how important your contribution is to enrich our overall collective experience and to life on this planet in general. 


You are a current leader and you see the transformation the world goes through. You are a professional with several years of experience in your own company, a governmental institution, a not-for-profit organization, a corporation or a network organization. You see that the solutions you used to choose no longer work and you are motivated to develop new leadership and to make a positive impact on the people and stakeholders you work with and on society as a whole. You are fully aware of the fact that today's youth are tomorrow's leaders and you are dedicated to facilitate them to become the leaders the world is longing for. 


Like a nomad camp, our MOVABLE^LAB will travel through Europe and is planned to stop and work with young leaders in Rotterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Prague. The first MOVABLE^LAB will take place in Rotterdam, one of the world’s most inspiring and creative cities.