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Connection to nature is not transformative in itself, but allowing a retreat there can create lasting bonds between you, nature and fellow co-creators. In building and cultivating our leadership skills, we must heed the laws of nature. There are no quick fixes. We must progress gradually through the same seasons that provide nature with its beauty. One of the lessons we learned is the well-known insight that those who adapt the best, survive. Leadership must have its time to grow; it needs a constant input of nutritious substances and simultaneously leaders have to provide conditions for others to flourish. This because leadership is not a goal in itself, it is a means to an end. We can learn from nature how to organize this.

As our depletion of natural capital continues to rage on, we experience a trickle down effect to our daily lives and the future of our offspring. We can no longer ignore this and must present it as a challenge to our next generation of leaders. Our species have evolved into a predominantly city dwelling one which results in a disconnection from the very thing we depend on for life. MOVABLE^LAB NATURE LAB is aimed at creating bonds between people and their surroundings, thus allowing a deeper understanding of our collective and individual actions on Planet Earth.  

Our future leaders will make the ‘triple bottom line’ common place by finding a deeper resonance with nature. This will happen through creative energy channelling which is unlocked by spending time in nature through the rich sensory experience of colours, textures, smells, and layers. The forest offers us inspiration and, with Europeans spending 90% of their time indoors, it is time to break this trend and begin to feel presence once more. From moments of exploration, through times of experiencing the forest itself; allow yourself this retreat to guide you in developing your social innovation tools and mind-set based on natural systems. 


MOVABLE^LAB NATURE LAB is a weeklong retreat giving space for connection to nature and continuing leadership training. Our team of experienced facilitators, coaches and change catalysts will facilitate an experiential learning about the self as well as alignment with ecosystems. Leading from a holistic perspective, which is bound to create the sought after transformation both internally and externally. Thus we are creating a space of conversation and inquiry about natural systems and balanced living. We invite you to retreat to Nature to get inspired by the seasons and give yourself some concrete ways to make your life more holistic and healthy. This retreat will feature activities supporting Leadership Development just as other MOVABLE^LAB programs do, but in a natural setting as we want young leaders to connect to their inner beings and reconnect to Nature.


This workshop is for the trees, the rivers, the fields, and the wildlife in a sense. We now know that human beings shape the planet in an unprecedented way. This same way of operating, can be tilted towards regeneration and allow for a greater tint of green to flourish on planet Earth. Thus young entrepreneurs and social innovators looking for a deeper connection are encouraged to join us on a retreat of calibration. We want you functioning at full capacity with a broad awareness that translates into real change. In short you have to be the change before you can manifest the change. We desire young leaders to join our team of change makers, ecologist, health professionals and social innovators for a mix of facilitation and practicality. We want you to re-connect to Nature, are you ready?


Are you longing for ways to develop models that are more based on the patterns of nature?  And are you looking to turn problems into solutions? Losing a sense of self in the consumer world? Are you finding yourself falling into the same old thought patterns at work as well as at home? A position of innovative entrepreneurship or leadership is a delicate balance of hard work and forward thinking. It requires creativity and a strong network to achieve the solutions for our current challenges. With a varied approach and rejuvenated body, our decision-making can enhance our work and relationships, utilizing the web found in nature as a pattern for growth and capture of energy. Nature’s lessons are often on a subconscious level subsequently bringing on a real need for immersion. Guidance in the process of connecting is something people may seek and we offer the space and facilitators to do so.   


MOVABLE^LAB NATURE LAB enhances a holistic leadership perspective as well as tools to improve our daily lives on a physical and energetic level. Our future leaders must be fit in body, mind, and spirit and we hope to impart practical tools and new ways of thinking/being. Your deprivation of nature will be compensated and you will create a new sense of value around your personal health and the global environment. This will help dramatically in our way forward. We depend on our blue planet, and today more than ever, on each other to move forward in a way that respects all beings. Your network will grow, your hands will touch soil, your eyes will light up from colours of green and brown, your minds will be stimulated and ultimately a transformation will be sparked.


MOVABLE^LAB NATURE LAB is offered as a deepening of the CO*CREATION & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT LABS. Participants who have joined us in our nomad camp are invited to proceed their journey in this pure and natural environment. For those who feel addressed to the process that is stated above, but didn't attend a Lead Lab: feel free to contact us and talk freely about your search and the opportunities MOVABLE^LAB can give you.