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The last couple of weeks were busy ones for our MOVABLE^LAB Development Team and local organizing committees. Here are some of our big moves and good learnings we'd like to share with all of you!
# MOVABLE^LAB online community: We launched a MOVABLE^LAB LinkedIn group 2 days ago. The first day more than hundred subscribers joined our community. Today, just 2 days later we have almost three hundred subscribers. Let's use this community as a knowledge transfer base and open dialogue for our young leaders. We invite you all to initiate meaningful conversations, share all relevant information on social innovation, co*creation, youth empowerment and new leadership. News, insights, articles, funding or grants opportunities, job postings and above all good questions! 


# MOVABLE^LAB goes global: From all over the world young entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals have positively responded to the MOVABLE^LAB initiative. We have been inundated with calls and requests of collaboration and participation from New Delhi to Milan, from Zagreb to San Francisco. So, expect this European initiative to go global soon. However, our focus for our first year in transit will remain the old continent with its pressing social challenges: from dramatic youth unemployment rate in the Southern Mediterranean Regions (average approximately 24% in Europe, over 50% in countries like Spain or Greece) to marginalized ethnic minorities, i.e. Roma in East Europe or to broken Health-Care Systems (like the French one).

MOVABLE^LAB Barcelona: Our development team and local organizing committee decided to postpone the lab in Barcelona to next year. The main reason for this is that we want to make it possible for far more people than originally planned. After all, the MOVABLE^LAB initiative is meant to be a social event in its means and in its ends. Furthermore this will allow us to involve the local community more actively, as well as public and the third sectors that showed interest and motivation to directly support young leaders who are willing to work on realizing a better future we all want to be part of. More sustainable, inclusive, creative, and green... -  

MOVABLE^LAB Activities for free or accessible to all: Hundreds of young entrepreneurs, jobseekers and freelancers have shared with us their big hopes, big dreams and big frustrations. Thanks to all these conversations and all this amazing energy we have been starting to mobilize partners to make this initiative truly social, inclusive and accessible to young people all around Europe. In accordance to the above we now aim at organizing our activities in such a way that it is free or at low costs for participants to join. To do this we need a global community that is as large as possible, strong and good global partners and local supporters. We very much believe in this new co-creating approach, bearing in mind that all MOVABLE^LAB activities are about empowering young adults, fostering and developing the building blocks of a new kind of leadership necessary to accelerate the systemic changes our world and our communities need. 
We did not expect this massive welcome! Thank you for sharing our vision and making this initiative truly successful! We will keep you informed about new activities and other developments soon.

Photo Credit: Sooooo knapp! (HighRes) photo by Thomas Link