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Becoming Organizing partner

Inherent to Social Innovation is co-creating. This is why we cherish working together with partner organizations from different branches and domains. A key issue here is the representation of each domain from the Penta Helix©. This model differs between government-, science-, business-, society- and arts & design based organizations and stresses the need for involvement of all these parties when complexity is to be addressed.

To realize successful programs within the MOVABLE^LAB realm we need cooperation with organizing partners that deliver input as well as they provide conditions. Becoming part of our program can be very rewarding in terms of organizing synergy and strengthening mutual forces in order to cope more successful with complex societal challenges. Our organizing partners preferably stick with us during long term investments in cross border leadership development. This will reflect on their role as active engaging organizations when it comes to societal needs. Furthermore it offers a chance to enhance co-creation possibilities outside the MOVABLE^LAB program.

If your organization sees these benefits as relevant, please contact us. There are no blueprints here, so we can work a partnership out in any conceivable manner.


Becoming a partner or supporter

Because MOVABLE^LAB events always have a local content-based program, the active involvement of local and regional parties is a necessity. These organizations work together with us to make it all possible. They have a local network, which is helpful if not necessary, to realize conditions and make things happen smoothly. They have insight in underlying forces and implicit interests. Our local partners hand us the (partitions of) complex issues they are working on themselves so we can interweave them in the program. They also know the local situation, the pressing issues and complexity. Within the MOVABLE^LAB program the participants work on addressing these issues and meaningful contributions can only be expected if essential information is at hand. Local partners can also be these organizations that decide to take part by admitting their leaders to the event.

In case you want to join our MOVABLE^LAB event as local partner, please contact us.


Local partners on the MOVABLE^LAB Rotterdam Catalyze Lab *special edition* 2014:

Facilitating partners