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MOVABLE^LAB ROTTERDAM SPECIAL EDITION takes place from April the 15th till the 16th. We have found a very inspiring place to co*create the building blocks of new leadership. For these two days, we settle down in Heijplaat, a nice neighborhood at the south of the Nieuwe Maas. Heijplaat was once built as a home for the workers of the Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (RDM). This company started to build and maintain ships as of 1904. The company disappeared and the neighborhood deteriorated. But since 2008 the terrain of RDM has been developed in a campus, The RDM Campus. This brings new activities to the industrial place and especially innovative start-ups are attracted. MOVABLE^LAB will take place in The Innovation Dock of the RDM Campus.


Address: Heijplaatstraat 23, 3089 JB Rotterdam
Start: Tuesday April 15, 11 o'clock