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We offer a vigorous program at inspiring locations in Europe. There’s lots of opportunity to share insights, knowledge, learn from each other, experience and co-create. Taking part in the program is a real adventure. It may be different from what you know because it’s not about learning from an expert what is already known. It’s endeavouring in the era of systemic change and innovation. You will return fueled up with new skills, resources, ideas, actionable plans and many building blocks for new leadership to emerge within you. 

You will get insight into the qualities that really make a change, not only yours, but also those in your surrounding. You also do this to find out how to capitalize them. This is about finding out how investing in people and planet can be profitable.  

What are new insights in binding and connecting? Transforming our pyramids into pancakes. How do we organize collective ‘ownership’? We will work on finding out how you can be a meaningful catalyst in organizing movement.  You will develop a plan for the strengthening and further growing of your leadership. But you will not do this by learning from an expert. In this transitional phase too many is unknown. You will be creating these building blocks yourself, together with others.



We’re living in a transiting world. As happened before in human history systemic change has to be made. Many solutions we found to problems in the past are not functional anymore; we can’t go on organizing hierarchical from the top, maximizing control and restraint, pressing the last drop of juice out of the efficiency lemon, creating contradictory bonus systems, draining our natural resources or rely on a handful of experts while countless stakeholders stand on the threshold of co-creation. Too many issues have evolved into wicked problems with organized complexity. It is essential to understand the big picture, provide holistic solutions and avoid repetition of dysfunctional attempted solutions that cause a new problem elsewhere. 

So while we come more and more aware of existing systems that don’t work anymore there’s no clarity on what to do instead. We have to find new ways. It’s an exiting time: we’re not living in an era of changes but in a change of era. We have to be prepared to experiment, find out, be creative and innovate. This calls for guts. Older generations trust on newer ones to be brave and step forward. We need new leaders and new leadership. As no one has a blueprint for the future we can only take part in the process. We invite all (young) leaders who recognize themselves in this challenge to join our program.






MOVABLE^LAB is about taking part in a collective process of sharing, discovering and being inspired, to finally develop and get a view on the building blocks of your leadership. We need leaders who can cope with uncertainties. Who stimulate creativity, and are aware of the major transition the system of our society, organizations and people are in. We need new perspectives on so many issues that only collective thinking can bring us further. We need the space for play, we need passion and the full spectre of our imagination to lead us trough this transformational phase. 

How this transformation that is needed (but also inevitable) will look like is largely depending on the input of frontrunners. Our program is directed at this group of people; we’d like to enhance their full potential and facilitate their individual process of really being able to make a difference. 

This process is uncommon and unusual; it’s not training in management skills or styles of leadership. It’s about rethinking and reinventing the way the individuals’ character forms his professional performance, it’s about roles instead of position and it’s about sharing instead of ‘the power of knowledge’. No organization is an island and is highly dependable on it’s stakeholders to survive. All this requires an unconventional approach.    



Unlike the medieval alchemists who believed they could literally transform lead into gold the earlier Egyptian civilisation gave rise to alchemy as a metaphoric process of art and science in which the soul was freed from a heavy state of mind into realizing its own light nature derived from pure spirit.  

Similar to our program the blending of essential personal elements in new proportions, thus creating new qualities, defines the process of developing new leadership. The most important contribution alchemy has made is its understanding of the transformation process; we cannot transform unless we change the way we see the world and that we need vital knowledge on a very large scale. So in modern terms: transformation in leadership starts by looking at ourselves to give new meaning to what we observe and by doing so we need the input of many others to realize meaningful change. 

It’s no longer about management of means instead it’s about management of meanings. The new leader is intended to revitalize creativity and refuel meaning into the domains of play, passion and the imagination, thus inspiring creativity and innovation.