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The outcomes of the MOVABLE^LAB activities in terms of solutions, scenarios, useful insights or directions of action will be handed over to the organizations or governments that brought in their problems. All together this means that there is a multiple level outcome. In order to clarify  the results and effects of the Movable^Lab program it is very important to conduct a longitudinal study. This means there has to be a comparison between control groups and groups that follow the program. This study has to be conducted on an international, worldwide scale to be able to control for and differ  between cultural effects. Also there is need to perform this research longitudinally because the effects are expected to occur over the years to come. 

A research program on this scale calls for academic involvement and participation of multiple universities around the world. Publications about the results may serve more than one cause. First there is the need to learn and improve, beside this the results can fuel the international dialogue on new leadership, its conditions, implications for policy development, and so forth.

The different interim reports finally will result in an overall publication; a book on insights and experiences on organizing new leadership on a global scale. Tied to this research activities there will be a New Leadership exchange program. And at the same time this exchange program will be monitored.  On a local or regional scale Social Business Platforms will be working on different issues with stakeholders in order to realize improvement of the quality of people’s lives  and of our planet. Possibly an internet based  leadership broadcasting channel may be one of the outcomes and preferred tools to constantly realize next levels.