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MOVABLE^LAB CATALYZE LAB *Special edition* is a 2 days co-creation lab, aimed at developing new skills and capabilities to enhance and strengthen the capacity to innovate for the future and simultaneously meet social needs. 

This lab is full of positive energy and helps participants to create a great impact today and tomorrow. We address the most critical societal and environmental challenges, and together create feasible and action-oriented approaches to solve them. An important part of the program is a wicked issue, provided to us by a local partner. We co-create powerful formats and actionable ways to tackle critical issues, facilitate grassroots processes and initiatives, inside as well as outside organizations. 

The program is built for young social entrepreneurs and young social innovators, who all stand out because of their leadership skills and social engagement. It is free of charge to all eligible participants. This program is made possible by our donors, funding partners and sponsors who acknowledge the need for new leadership as well as the often-lacking possibilities for young leaders to participate and who are determined to contribute to a better society.

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