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MOVABLE^LAB CATALYZE LAB and LEAD LAB are transdisciplinary and transcultural leadership development and co-creation programs designed around the new generation of leaders, their current and future challenges.

We need conscious and authentic leaders who inspire, initiate and successfully go through complex transformation processes. And we need current deciders that are truly aware of the fact that today's youth are tomorrow's leaders and see that systems have to change to make space for the future these young change makers want to see.  

We must no longer see problems as a starting point but rather the dream or the ideal situation. This way we can organize and channel collective ambition and focus on the people - on what they really want - more than just on the processes or the results. We need a different mindset, other competences and skills, new tools and resources, new forms of communication and collaboration and different angles to look at parties involved and the issues at stake.

We cannot expect all these changes in thinking and behaviour from the ones that have been educated in systematically controlling and commanding. We largely depend on a new generation of leaders to enhance new perspectives and make change happen. Smart organizations know how important it is to invest in them and give them the tools to realize change in their working environment. 

MOVABLE^LAB NATURE LAB is for the trees, the rivers, the fields, and the wildlife in a sense. We now know that human beings shape the planet in an unprecedented way. This same way of operating, can be tilted towards regeneration and allow for a greater tint of green to flourish on planet Earth. Thus young entrepreneurs and social innovators looking for a deeper connection are encouraged to join us on a retreat of calibration. We want you functioning at full capacity with a broad awareness that translates into real change. In short you have to be the change before you can manifest the change. We desire young leaders to join our team of change makers, ecologist, health professionals and social innovators for a mix of facilitation and practicality.